Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
CEO's Message

In the name of God, the most powerful who has given us blessings of his eternal graciousness. The Lord who has granted us with his endless gifts and compassion, he has associated his entire benedictions with our attempts. 

In order to delight the Omnipotence, we should serve his people considering their privacy and reverence in all activities, it is essential for us, notably in industrial sector and service section where the one main priority is the role of people of the society and all users who use services and products, and yet the other is about the employers, coworkers, employees and all human capitals in different sector of the industry.

The balance of the industry and society efficiency is showing us that a serious care must be taken to respect the consumer's rights, because this is the only way to develop and continue entrepreneurial and industrial.

Adapting the attitude and being ambitious, Deylaman Group's CEO has been constantly tried to satisfy the employers and consumers of the services by understanding them and deeply respecting their opinions.