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Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran

Having manufactured and various products requires wholesale and retail distribution. Deylaman Dey Pakhsh Company was founded in 2012; it has been distributing all types of hygiene, washing and food products all over the country. The company concluded contracts with some manufacturing companies to do retail distribution of the products. Accordingly the company signed an exclusive contract with one of the prominent manufacturers of washing products. The company has been titled as an exclusive exporter of food products, Parsa Zarf's food container and Anboh Sazan's constructing material.

Target Market

We provide our customers with our services within Iran's borders.

Our advantages comparing to our competitors 

We benefit from our brand authenticity, being in a high rank among all distribution companies, working with Deylaman Holding, loyal staff and prioritizing collective wisdom.

Our attitude toward the staff

The staff is the most precious asset to the company. We believe progresses would not be achieved, if there was not a strong bond between the organization and the staff. All achievements are gained by human capitals force.


We are a profit making organization in the middle of supply chain; we play the role of shops and supermarkets supplier.

Attitude toward profitability and growth 

According to the adapted approach, we do our best to create long run values for our beneficiaries and pay special attention to:

Growth strategies and improving customers’ value 

Increasing profit-making opportunities

Productivity strategies

Increasing the use of assets

Improving the cost structures

Organization’s responsibilities toward stakeholders

Improving the social health

Improving stakeholders’ shares in the market

Improving staff’s fulfillment

Improving offered services to the customers

According to the long run policies, the company is attaining the licenses to build the first multilevel factory to manufacture cardboard boxes and disposable products.

We obtained supplying and establishment license of 4400 pieces of land in Firoozkoh Industrial Town. 

Deylaman Dey Pakhsh Company expanded its economic activities by investing in mineral water industry and registering two brands, Mahan and Versay.


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