Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
Oil and Gas

Considering the high potential in business relationships with Asia and Europe, many contracts were concluded with highly reputable companies’ agencies, accordingly the Oil and Energy Development Company registered under No 88451 with 100 million dollars capital was founded by Deylaman Group.

Using the experience of specialists and directors of oil and gas industry and also trade credit of Deylaman , the company has succeeded to import the components and equipments of petroleum since 2014 and many steps have taken in field of importing and supplying the important petroleum components and equipments.

The company has also attained the International Standard Licenses, such as management ISOs, Health ISO and HSE ISO.

Benefiting from the Holding’s trade credit, the company managed to make a credit line of 1 million dollars from European banks.

The company participated in oil and gas exhibitions in 2016. 

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