Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
The history of company

Deylaman Group's first company was founded in Tehran under the name of Deylaman Atisazanin the early of 2000 decade. The company worked professionally on rail transport industry and all related services; attaining ambitious goals, the company started to establish some subsidiaries in different fields such as an insurance services, importing and exporting, distributions, manufacturing, power plants and mass constructions in 2008. 

Using the precious experience of directors, managers, founders and hiring efficient state organization's staffs enabled the company to play key roles in various industries.

The domestic policy of the organization aims at exporting manufactured products and machineries made in Iran to other countries to revitalize export.

The company's management system has been updated according to obtained international licenses, and the latest international management methods have always been applied to increase the efficiency of organization.

1. A member of Iran's Services, Supplies and Technical Engineering Companies Employs Associations 

2. A member of Tehran's Services and Technical Engineering Companies Associations

3. A member of Iran's Project Management Association

4. A member of Iran's Industrial Engineering Association

5. A member of Iran and France Chamber of Commerce 

6. A member of Iran and Italy Chamber of Commerce

7. A member of Iran and Sweden Chamber of Commerce

8. A member of Iran and China Chamber of Commerce

9. A member of Tehran Province Youth Association

10. A member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce 

11. A member of Iran Young Merchant Entrepreneurs