Thursday, April 18, 2024
Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
Insurance and stock market

Exchanging stocks according to country's stock market rules

Transferring, initial offering and sailing stocks of investing companies after preparing and reforming the structures 

Issuing participation bonds or any other stocks based on country's regulations.

Conducting economical, technical, financial and managerial researchers

Offering and executing investments and other legal economic activity plans and setting up companies and researching institute

Using Iranian and foreign banks and institutions of financial and credit facilities 

Doing legal domestic and foreign trades, importing and exporting non-restricted goods and doing partnerships with natural and legal persons in or outside of the country 

Request and grant distributorship to natural and legal persons in Iran and other countries

The company also received an insurance agency of one of the most reputable companies, which got its certificates and licenses from Iran Central Insurance in 2007, and the company founded Pasargad insurance under registration No 1677.

All insurance services required by the Deylamn Group are covered by Pasargad Insurance.

Insurance and stock market
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