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Manufacturing Industry

Having over a decade of experience in economic in different industries, Deylaman Group has entered the private section to support the domestic manufacturing industry, export and follow the Leader’s command. Accordingly, many manufacturing companies in various industries were built in early 2010s.

Disposable tableware and organic herbal beverages company

Based on conducted researches in 2013 and 2014, the shortage in disposable tableware industry was detected by Deylaman Group, immediate actions were taken to attain the legal authorizations and establishment licenses to build an aluminum disposable tableware manufacturing factory under registration No 206270, later the company broadened its policies and activities which led to starting new production lines such as paper disposable glasses, glasses containing tea and other herbal beverages. 

Participating in Tea and Beverages Trade Fare in 2015, the company concluded contracts with state-own and private organizations within Iran’s borders; accordingly export section was founded to offer the mentioned products to neighbor and African countries.

Parsa Zarf Company

Deylaman Parsa Zarf Company under registration number 479582 was founded by young and prosperous managers who managed to register 3 brands legally -Makan, Matin and Maneli- for their products.

The disposable tableware manufacturing company has been built in a vast land in Firoozkoh; to expand the company, two more pieces of lands have been bought.





Celling and wall Yonolit and 3D Panels Manufacturing Factory

After researching about the construction industry in Iran, Deylaman Group attained certificates and licenses from Mining and Industrial Organization under registration No 445810 to set up a factory in Golestan Province. The latest European systems and technology were used in equipping the factory to manufacture celling and wall 

yonolit and also prefabricated walls. All products are designed and manufactured in the highest quality for domestic use and export. 

Our products offer astonishing benefits in construction projects; they are extremely cost-effecting materials and because of their lightweight, the weight of buildings will considerably reduce by %60.



Manufacturing Industry
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