Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
Properties and construction

Providing all related technical, engineering and constructive services to manufacture, assemble and build the villages or recreational, residential or sport towns.

Consulting, designing, running and maintaining all installations and equipment related to inside and outside of hotels, motels, residential, sport and recreational complexes and villages.

Investing in construction projects independently or in partnership with Mass Construction Company in different sections such as residential, commercial, educational, etc.

Receiving agencies to inspect, technical control and managing in construction sections.

Offering consulting services and feasibility studies to construction projects.

Investing or partnering with legal and natural persons.

Investing, trading, running, owning, establishing, expanding, completing, renting and delegating units in all types of complexes in industrial, constructional, agricultural sections and all related services in the country or overseas; transferring some parts of properties to third persons.

Accordingly, Deylaman Pardis Mass Constructions Company was founded under No 445810 in Tehran in 2021. Getting the authorizations, the company has built residential, commercial and villa complexes. 

In long term plans, we are going to expand our business by constructing complexes in all cities which have contracts with the holding; and save 10% of units for directors.

Properties and construction
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