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Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
Rail Industry

Atisazan Deylaman was the first company of the group which was founded in Tehran in early 2000 decade. The mission of the company has been providing professional services in rail transport industry. Later, the organization signed technical contracts with Iran's ministry of roads and transportation which includes the Islamic Republic of Iran's Rail Way Company and RAJA Railway Transport.

The company has initiated its activity with the legal capital of 10 billion dollars.  We honored to attain International Standards of Management System, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000.

Relying on over forty-year experience of directors, the company has been enabled to provide noticeable services for Iran's rail way industry. The offices of company are located in all parts of the country, Hormozgan, Tabriz, Fars, Tehran, Tabriz, Zanjan, etc. We are a member of 

1. Tehran's Chamber of Commerce 

2. Iran and Italy Chamber of Commerce

3. Iran and France Chamber of Commerce

4. Asia Chamber of Commerce

5. Tehran Employers Association

6. A member of Iran's Project Management Association

7. A member of Iran's Industrial Engineering Association

The company is representing Deylaman Group to study making the first full automatic washing system for passenger wagons in train stations of Tehran.

In order to initiate the passenger wagon sector, technical actions have taken by experts, which led to an agreement and cooperation with CECCATO Company in Italy to dedicate the final proposal of manufacturing the machine to Iran's rail way system. At the moment the legal procedures are ongoing for issuing the legal and authorized licenses. 

The company's fields of activities are divided into five categories

1. Technical repairing of ventilation systems of passengers and freight wagon’s brakes

2. Designing, setting up and maintaining the high voltage direct current wagons supplying and charging systems outside of passenger stations

3. Washing the outer parts services and cleaning up the inner parts of passenger wagons

4. Designating specialists to maintain the passenger stations

5. Supplying, operating, controlling and training staffs of the passenger trains

 Relying on our 14 years of experience, use of technical equipments and working with highly experienced experts, we have become a pioneer in rail transport industry.

Examples of technical contracts

1. Setting up and maintaining the charging lines of passenger wagons of express trains in Mashhad

2. Maintaining the charging likes of Tehran-Tabriz outside the stations

3. Maintaining and renewing the ventilation systems of passenger wagons

4. Converting the power of passenger wagons from level 2 to level 

Examples of executive contracts

1. Mechanized washing of passenger wagons by Train Wash machineries

2. Manually washing and cleaning up the passenger wagons

3. Supplying the water and drainage of passenger wagons at Tehran stations

4. Interior cleaning of passenger wagons

5. Designating experts and staff in unit 137 of municipality 

6. Designating experts and staff for Oil Company

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