Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
Green Spaces

Live in urban centers can't be imagined without green spaces and sceneries. 

Green spaces are essential to provide us with green environments where people can interact, communicate and enjoy the sceneries.

Green spaces are inseparable parts of modern life. The shortage of green spaces in megalopolises has made the city authorities to build some of them with the aim of developing green places that can bring following impacts:

Psychological impacts

Environmental impacts

Educational impacts

Improvising social behaviors

Considering the excessive skyscraper constructions in recent decades, the absence of green spaces is quite notable. However, individuals can provide themselves with apartment plants and flowers to develop the green spaces in the yard of the towers or small places in the buildings to make a park-like environment to simplify the living in towers. The growing villa construction rates have left us with less green spaces; the importance of having green spaces around has made us to encircle the villas with green environments and beautify the urban areas. 

Another aspect of green spaces is economical; as people are more interested in buying and renting residential units with a view of green spaces and close enough to them, the prices can be competitive which can cause an increase in value of properties.

Our company is willing to help the development of green spaces with innovative ideas and novel designs by our exclusive engineers with high experience. 

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